About Us


  Linzi counseling center was founded in 1998, (www.linzi.com.cn) and is one of the pioneers to offer mental health service in China. As Vice Chair Institution of Shanghai Psychological Counseling Association, director of the mental hygiene Association of Beijing, Vice chair of the psychological Counseling Association in Shenzhen, Linzi has 8 subordinate units: Shanghai Counseling Center, Beijing Counseling Center, Shenzhen Counseling Center, Chengdu Counseling Center, EAP (Employee Assistance Program) Service Center, Network Media Communication Center, Psychology Institute, Volunteer Counselor Center.

Counseling Centers

  Linzi has a total of seven (7) specialized counseling centers: marriage counseling, career counseling, mental illness consulting, psychosexual counseling, family education consulting, children and teenagers consultation, professional mental health counseling. In the near future, Linzi plans to establish specialized research centers associated with the dedicated to each of the above activities.

EAP Service Center

  As one of the earliest EAP service providers, Linzi EAP service center is also a member of EAPA's institution (Employee Assistance Program Association). The Linzi EAP cooperates with Morneau Shepell the Canadian EAP company which offers professional services to the world's top 500 companies, based on staff mental health management.

Network Media Center (NMC)

  NMC instituted and maintains the Shanghai Psychology Counseling network, which is one of the industry portals in China. NMC studies the network counseling model, carries out online counseling, offers online courses, psychology videos, psychology blog and the psychology Forum whereby invited well-known psychologists discuss specific topics of broad interest.
  NMC introduces, imports and distributes domestic & overseas psychology monograph publications; in addition it publishes its own "Linzi Psychological Journals" to popularize mental health issues and facilitate the development of the counseling industry.

Psychology Institute (PI)

  Focused on introducing international advanced psychology courses and approaches, the PI aspires to accelerate the development of psychology, to push forward and upgrade the national Chinese research in psychology and to cultivate outstanding psychologist.

Volunteer Counselor Center (VCC)

  Founded in 2003, VCC created the idea "Less sorrow in this world". Based in Shanghai, open to people in China and overseas, VCC combines loving dedication and professional psychological knowledge. It strives to deliver immediate, timely, professional and free assistance to those who have psychological problems. VCC tries to help everyone to get out of his/her psychological woods as soon as possible.