Seeking Project Cooperation

  The advancement of Psychology requires the integration of East and Western approaches, instantly becoming a current trend for the East-West psychology dialogue.

  As an outstanding psychological counseling industry representative in China, the Linzi counseling center has extended its presence worldwide, with informative programs on the British BBC, the U.S. public radio stations, and the Japanese Asahi Shimbun; other news media have interviewed Linzi recently or in the past. A clear understanding of the counseling service development in China can be attained through Linzi, as Linzi has been shouldering the mission of developing such service industry in China. To further improve our services, we look forward to form liaisons with foreign counterparts to expand our knowledge and experience.

  Linzi Psychology Institute, focused on training and education, is seeking outstanding partners to provide a platform for research projects, professional technology enhancement and to bridge the introduction of psychology schools into China. We also seek co-sponsors to provide high level psychology education in China.

  We warmly invite expert psychologists worldwide to visit China. Counseling professionals, we need you here; psychology researchers and program developers are needed also.

  Interested institutions and individuals please contact us !